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Master the Art of Paint Protection Film Installation with Our Free Training Program

Are you looking to enhance your skills or offer an additional revenue service to your business? Look no further! Our Paint Protection Film (PPF) Training Program is designed to teach you the hands-on skills needed to become an expert Paint Protection Film installer. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, our comprehensive training outline ensures a rewarding learning experience.

Why Become a Paint Protection Film Installer?

Paint Protection Film is a game-changer in the automotive industry, providing unrivaled protection against road hazards, rock chips, and other surface damage. As a certified PPF installer, you'll provide clients with peace of mind, knowing their vehicles are shielded from the rigors of everyday driving. With the increasing demand for this valuable service, learning the art of PPF installation can significantly boost your career prospects and set you apart in the competitive detailing market.

The Training Outline

Our free* PPF Training Program focuses on hands-on learning, allowing participants to practice their installation skills under the guidance of experienced instructors. Here's what you can expect from the training:

Before attending the hands-on training, participants must complete our Online Novice Class (free in DetailWise Pro), where they gain essential knowledge about PPF materials, application techniques, and industry best practices. This ensures a solid foundation for the hands-on session.

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DETAILWISE | 2 Day Opticle Paint Protection Film - Intermediate

DETAILWISE | 2 Day Opticle Paint Protection Film - Advanced

Hands-On Practice on Key Areas

During the training, we'll focus on the most critical areas that require PPF protection: hoods, fenders, and front bumpers. These are the zones most susceptible to road debris and environmental damage, making them ideal candidates for PPF application.

Surface Preparation and Application Techniques

Participants will learn the art of proper surface preparation, which is vital for achieving flawless PPF installation. Our instructors will guide you through the step-by-step process of applying PPF, including handling the film, positioning, and smoothing it out for a seamless finish.

Trimming and Edge Finishing

Perfecting the edges is crucial to achieving a professional-grade PPF installation. Our trainers will teach you the art of precision trimming and edge finishing, leaving your client's vehicle looking pristine and well-protected.

PPF Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Learn how to educate your clients on maintaining their PPF to prolong its effectiveness and appearance. Additionally, we'll cover common troubleshooting scenarios and how to overcome challenges during the installation process.

Upon completing our free PPF Training Program, you'll have the confidence and knowledge needed to provide top-notch PPF installation services to your clients or employers. This newfound skill set will elevate your resume, expand your clientele, and open doors to exciting opportunities in the thriving paint protection film industry.

So, if you're ready to take your detailing career to greater heights, seize this chance to master the art of PPF installation. Become a part of our DetailWise Pro program and invest in $2,000 worth of Opticle Defense PPF to unlock the gateway to our exclusive hands-on training. Embrace the future of automotive protection and solidify your position as a leader in the industry!

Eligibility for FREE training:

- Must be a DetailWise Pro Member - DetailWise PRO

- 1 person/spot | $2,000 film purchased in the last 365 days

- 2 Spots ($5k annual spend), 3 Spots ($10k annual spend), 4 Spots ($20k annual spend)

Once your are a member of DetaiWise Pro and have spent $2,000 in Opticle Film, Your account will automatically be tagged for the free training. Go to one of the training options and pick your training date and check out.


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